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The Faceless: Not Breaking Up!



Faceless mastermind Michael Keene has responded to the rumors of his band’s demise that surfaced earlier this week via Twitter:

Keene can call us “unprofessional” all he wants, despite the fact that we made it very clear in no uncertain terms — multiple times in the article we published Monday — that the rumor about the breakup was just that, a rumor, and that not only had we not been able to verify the source but that we doubted it to be true in the first place. You know what’s unprofessional? Not updating your fans as to the status of the members of your band in a prompt fashion and carrying on as if nothing is different (twice now). Speaking of which, Keene has been completely mum about the status of Evan Brewer, the focal point of Monday’s article. Where’s his comment about the level of professionalism at MetalSucks with regards to that?

In any case, we’re glad The Faceless aren’t breaking up — we love the band despite what Keene might think about our site, and I think their last album was their best yet.

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