Introducing the Slash Burger


Slash BurgerUmami Burger has announced the creation of The Slash Burger, named, of course, in honor of the former Guns N’ Roses guitarist. And boy oh boy, does it ever sound delicious! Here are the wonderful ingredients which go into making this sure-to-be scrumptious burger:

  • All the toppings from The Aerosmith Burger, left unrefrigerated for six hours to make them slightly more rancid.
  • Meat culled from a more famous hamburger and burnt to a crisp.
  • A half-smoked Gitanes dangling from the bun.
  • A healthy topping of curly-haired fries.
  • 100% guaranteed to taste exactly the same way every time you order it.
  • Can also be ordered in a White Castle-style mini edition, The Slashba Burger.

Okay, okay, I’ll knock it off. Here’s what the burger actually looks like, along with a list of its actual ingredients:



Although it’s pretty goddamn costly for a burger — fifteen dollars! — one dollar from each Slashburger sold will be donated to the Los Angeles Youth Network, a “non-profit organization assisting runaway and homeless youth age[s] 12-20.” So it’s delicious and you’ll be doing a mitzvah by buying one. Hoo-ray! Get more details here.

Thanks: Saul Hudson

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