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Rivers of Nihil Ratchet Up the Mosh on “Soil & Seed”


Rivers of Nihil - The Conscious Seed of Light

All you really need to know about the new Rivers of Nihil song “Soil & Seed” is summed up in this quote by bassist Adam Biggs:

“Soil & Seed” was one of the first songs we wrote for the record and it’s been a staple of our live set ever since. We wrote this one for two reasons; to outline the interconnectedness of the earth and all living creatures, and to get people to headbang and stomp around like fucking maniacs. Enjoy!

There’s a reason “Soil & Seed” is a live staple for the band; it fucking rips! It’s definitely more of a straight-forward, fist-swingin’, mosh-inspiring rager than the other two more progressive-leaning tracks the band’s released so far — “Rain Eater” and “Mechanical Trees” — but it’s still got that experimental flare via Erik Rutan’s production wizardry. The almost Morbid Angelian death stomp in the song’s chorus is gonna render you unable to not bang your head and march alongside that herd of elephants currently stampeding through your skull. Via Stereokiller:

The Conscious Seed of Light comes out on October 15th via Metal Blade; order it here. Catch the band on tour with Beneath the Massacre in early October and with Dying Fetus to close out the month.

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