Jeezy Creezy: First Year-End List of 2013 Released


goodbye 2013Apparently, today was Adrien Begrand‘s last day at MSN’s Headbäng,which is too bad, because the only reason I’ve ever looked at MSN’s Headbäng is because of Begrand. Oh well. The silver lining is that for his last post, Begrand has given us our favoritest list of all — something silly over which to argue. Specifically, a list. Specificallyer, a list of 2013’s best albums.

No need to check your calendar — it is waaaayyyyy early. Still, I get why Begrand did it; it’s a very dramatic last hurrah, he may not have such a platform from which to support bands he likes at the actual end of 2013, and, as he himself says, “we music writers are already very nearly through the year” — which is to say, thanks to the magic of promos and long lead times, the press has pretty much heard everything that’s coming out this year. (In fact, I’d wager that magazines, which need to be put together a couple of months in advance of release, have already begun to finalize their year-end lists as well.) So sure why not release a list now, other than that it’s not traditionally when lists are released?

So let’s start fighting about the best releases of 2013 right now!!! Begin getting stangry by checking out Begrand’s list here, then take to our comments section below to behave like the fucking animals that you are. Remember to keep in mind that art is a competitive sport and there is ALWAYS an OBJECTIVELY CORRECT ANSWER, so if anyone dares disagree you, you should rrrrreaaallllyyy lay into them. It’s a completely reasonable reaction.

[via No Clean Singing]

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