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Protest the Hero Fans Need to Work Together to View Volition Album Artwork


Protest the Hero cover project

And here I thought the artwork we posted along with our premiere of the song “Clarity” was the cover of Volition, Protest the Hero’s forthcoming new album. Silly me!  Turns out that really cool image of the vulture with night-goggles on is the image on the outer CD container (also known as an O-card). I should’ve known these wily Canadians had something else up their sleeves.

Protest the Hero are relying on YOU, fellow PtH fan, to help reveal the official cover artwork of the album using your own bite-sized cursor to combine with those of others’:

Playing off the night vision-equipped vultures featured in the artwork, each fan’s visibility is restricted to the immediate area surrounding their cursor, giving them limited access to the illustration.  Each visitor’s viewfinder moves simultaneously amongst the others, forming a real-time flock of crowd-sourced clarity – fans must work together to expand their collective vision and reveal the artwork in its entirety.

Holy crap, that’s kinda nuts! This is really cool idea. Join in on the fun here. The only problem is that you’ve got to not only move your cursor over a part that hasn’t been revealed yet (easy enough), but that you’ve got to leave it there… and stop using your computer entirely. As I publish this there are presently 14 users logged in (according to the counter at the top), but I’m sure that number will skyrocket as soon as news gets out there (the press release only just landed a few minutes ago). This should be an incredible exercise in mass patience the likes of which would make Randy Blythe proud. It’s going to take several hundred users logged in at once to get the full reveal, possibly over a thousand.

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