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Ephel Duath (and Erik Rutan!) Have Feathers Under Their Skin


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Ephel Duath, Davide Tiso’s experimental prog metal project, have a new album coming out! Unfortunately, the band’s ever-changing line-up no longer includes legendary bassist Steve DiGiorgio, who appeared on last year’s EP, On Death and Cosmos. (He’s been replaced by Bryan Beller, who has previously played with Joe Satriani and Dethklok.) Fortunately, drummer Marco Minnemann and vocalist Karyn Crisis remain, and besides, as I said before, Ephel Duath’s line-up is ALWAYS changing, so whatever. It’s really Tiso’s baby.

So. The new album is called Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness, which is a pretty goddamn spooky titleAnd the album’s first single, “Feathers Under My Skin” — which features backing vocals by perennial MS fave Erik Rutan, who also produced Hemmed — promises that Ephel Duath fans will NOT be disappointed by the project’s latest release. It’s terrifically weird and off-kilter, the wall the best Ephel Duath songs are. Check it out:

Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness comes out November 26 on Agonia.

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