Metallica Through the Never Contest: Winners Announced


Metallica Through the Never Poster

Last week we offered three lucky winners the opportunity to win a Metallica Through the Never prize pack, featuring a hat, t-shirt and poster.

We asked you to tell us the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you at a Metallica concert, and Axl and Vince have sifted through the entries and picked their favorites. Here they are:

  • Vinny W. (Brooklyn, NY): I saw Metallica and Guns N’ Roses at Giants Stadium in 1992 (with Faith No More opening!). The Black Album had just come out a year prior and of course there was a lot of backlash from old Metallica fans about the band’s new sound. Pretty early on in the set the band played “Sad But True” or some song from the new album, and there was a small faction of fans (including yours truly) that started booing. Some guy came up from behind me and smacked me straight in the back of the head, like a bitch slap that didn’t hurt too much but reverberated around my skull. I immediately turned around and clocked the guy with a punch straight to the gut and he crumpled to the floor. A circle began to open up around us as he lunged back at me, which attracted the attention of security. I just stood there as he tried to get at me while his friends held him back, and before I knew it security had arrived and dragged the guy off. Everyone around me cheered and I got to enjoy the rest of the show in asshole-free piece!
  • Karin V. (Ridgecrest, CA): I was waiting on the rail for Metallica to take the stage when the lights went down and I heard that familiar sound of “Ecstasy of Gold.” The guy next to me handed me a little pill and I thought “what the heck” then I swallowed it. The arena started swirling around me and all of a sudden I shrank down to only a few inches tall. Determined not to miss the concert, I decided to use it to my advantage and get a better view. I ran under the rail and worked my way up onto the stage. I spent the whole concert running between the band members which proved to be quite a feat – dodging pyro fire and trying not to get squished by Rob’s crab walk. At the end of the concert I was exhausted so thought I would go and hang out on Lars’ drum kit. I saw his red solo cup and decided to climb up and have a drink. Suddenly Lars grabbed the cup, took a drink and spit me out onto the crowd. Whatever was in the cup instantly made me regular size again. Best Metallica concert I have ever seen (or dreamed about).
  • Daniel B. (Toms River, NJ): When I was at the Summer Sanitarium show in Columbus Ohio, the crowd was going crazy right before Metallica’s set and all the girls in the stadium started taking their tops off. I was walking towards my seats and some girl asked me if I could put her on my shoulders, so I did, and she took off her top and flashed everyone. I let her down and her friend jumped on my shoulders and flashed everyone. Now a bunch of girls kept coming up and getting on my shoulders and flashing. It was nuts and I became the hero of every guy in the stadium.

Through the Never is on 3D IMAX screens all over the U.S. now and opens wide to regular 2D theaters this coming Friday, October 4th. Take a look at theaters and show times here to see where it’s playing near you.

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