What the...??

Fred Durst and Billy Ray Cyrus Performed on Arsenio Hall


Fred Durst and Billy Ray Cyrus on ArsenioApparently, Billy Ray Cyrus, the man whose sperm helped create Miley Cyrus, is still alive. And apparently, he has a new song called “Lately,” which features a rap by Fred Durst. And apparently, Billy Ray Cyrus and Fred Durst performed this song on The Arsenio Hall Show last night. Because apparently, The Arsenio Hall Show is back on the air. And apparently, the most relevant guests he can book are someone who hasn’t been famous since the last time there was an Arsenio show, and Fred Durst.

Fred Durst is the most-recently-famous person in this story.

Jesus Harold Christ.

Here’s video of the performance if you hate yourself and/or those around you:

[via Metal Insider]

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