Warning: Drugs of Faith May Cause “Insanity”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Drugs of Faith - Architectural FailuresThere’s something a little disquieting about former Enemy Soil guitarist/current Agoraphobic Nosebleed co-vocalist/current Drugs of Faith guitarist and vocalist Rich Johnson, isn’t there? I mean… he’s just SUCH a normal looking dude. Like, way more normal looking than even most other normal-looking dudes in the world of extreme music. Serial killers never actually turn out to look like Glen Benton — they always end up being guys who look like Rich Johnson. He may very well be the metal musician in whose basement we are most likely to actually find bodies.

Watching “Insanity,” the new Drugs of Faith song and video which debuted earlier today on Invisible Oranges, only amplifies Johnson’s scariness-via-normality… because his bandmates, bassist Taryn Wilkinson and drummer Shane Fuegel, also look exceedingly like people whose appearance would also fail to startle my Aunt Sadie. Which makes the whole thing just, like, absolutely horrifying.

Of course, it’s also possible that the three members of Drugs of Faith are perfectly nice people who just happen to be severely talented at making unpleasant music. Either way, the song rocks.

“Insanity” will appear on Drugs of Faith’s Architectural Failures, their new “one-sided LP,” which will be released sometime next month on Malokul.

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