Exclusive: Nachtmystium Guitarist Timothy Preciado Releases Statement on Blake Judd’s Arrest


Timothy Preciado / Never We See

UPDATE, 4:34pm EDT: Preciado has confirmed to us that the “John” he mentions below is bassist John Porada of Terminate. He has also revealed to us that Sam Shroyer played drums in the studio (presumably on a new record?) and that Garry Naples (Novembers Doom) was going to be performing live for the upcoming shows.

Original Post:

Nachtmystium guitarist Timothy Preciado has contacted MetalSucks to release a statement about Blake Judd’s recent arrest for charges of theft. His statement follows:

There has been a lot of buzz around Chicago about Blake’s situation regarding his recent run in with the law.  The rest of Nachtmystium asks that everyone be patient with all things considered.  I also want to openly say that John, and myself had zero knowledge of Blake’s personal decisions in life, as this comes as a surprise to us as well. As a brand new member of the band, I definitely hope this recent speed bump does NOT tarnish mine nor any other member of the bands reputation, as we do not conduct ourselves in such a manor.  My only regret is to apologize to any of the fans that might not be able to see us at the planned upcoming performances.

-Timothy “Scare Crow” Preciado/ Nachtmystium/ Never We See

It’s worth noting that this is the first time we’ve heard about who the new members of Nachtmystium are. In July we got wind that Judd had cleaned house and started fresh with a new lineup so we contacted the band’s label, Century Media, for comment; the band’s publicist told us at the time that he did not know who the new members were.

Here’s a song by Preciado’s former (and, from what I can tell, still current) band Never We See:

We’re not sure who the “John” Timothy references above is; we’ve asked Timothy to clarify and haven’t heard back yet as of press time. We’ll update this post as soon as we do.

I’d like to take a moment to express how much this whole situation bums me out. Given Blake Judd’s well-documented past with drug addiction (often on his own accord), I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to conjecture that drugs were in some way involved with Judd’s arrest, be it directly or indirectly. On behalf of everyone at MetalSucks: get well soon, dude. The metal world needs you making Nachtmystium music.

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