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Former Iron Maiden Vocalist Paul Di’Anno is Still a Bitter Homophobe

  • Axl Rosenberg

This Guy Used to be in Iron Maiden

Former Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno (pictured above mere moments before asking the photographer if he could spare any change) recently responded to a Greek heckler’s cries of “BRUCE DICKINSON!” with this witty retort:

“You think that’s funny? You cock-sucking motherfucker. There’s always one gay guy, always one faggot.”

Di’Anno went on to declare that “I do not sing opera and I’m not a ballerina,” which is ridiculous, because Bruce Dickinson sings opera and is a pilot, not a ballerina, silly. Di’Anno then concluded by inviting the heckler to “suck my dick,” which I suppose the vocalist reasoned would not be gay because he’d be getting his dick sucked, not sucking some guy’s dick. Big difference.

This behavior would obviously be reprehensible no matter what… but just about a year ago, a heckler in the Ukraine pulled the same stunt, and Di’Anno’s response was nearly identical. So apparently this idiot’s legacy when he dies is going to be that he sang on two good albums and had one terrible comeback. Also, that he was too dumb to know that this sort of reply is practically BEGGING hecklers to come to your shows and shout out Dickinson’s name. Hell, at this point, I’d probably go see Di’Anno just to see if I could actually induce an aneurysm simply by crying out something about how Dickinson sings “Phantom of the Opera” better than Di’Anno ever did.

ANYWAY, here’s video of the incident, so that you, too, can have Killers ruined for you by the knowledge that Paul Di’Anno is slightly less valuable to our society than a used tampon:


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