Under “Ground”: New Meek Is Murder Video!

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Meek Is Murder 2013

Last winter I was standing around at a small hip hop show, being told tearily by one of my buds that he so appreciated my last-minute visit. He was falling apart, he explained all wasted, cuz he had just made a sad discovery about his fianceé, Mindy*. As the band rapped on, he again and again thanked me for flying across country (and into a blizzard) to execute such a huge bro-rescue. I kept nodding absently — never mind that I spurred the crisis by sending Mindy* a few dick pics** — cuz I was not paying attention to him. Instead I was staring stageward at the hip hop trio’s DJ. Like really staring hard. Cuz this dude so closely resembled Meek Is Murder drummer Frank Godla (above, left) that at first I suspected I had accidentally discovered him moonlighting in a Midwest rap group. The resemblance was freakish!

But no, it turned out that the DJ’s name was Louis*** and he doesn’t play drums at all****. I’d forgotten this uncomfortable episode until I peeped MiM’s awesome new video, which caused me to squint weirdly again, this time at the real Godla and only cuz he’s in a cool clip for killer jam “In The Ground.” Check it out!

* Not her real name
** At her request, as a “joke”
*** Verified via state-issued ID
**** Verified via test in the venue basement

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