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Iron Reagan On Tour: T-Buzz Caught Taking A-Dump


T-Buzz Tony Foresta

Using the toilet. Most days it’s a matter of straddling the bowl and letting fly; but under some circumstances, you’re forced to do your business after racing sweatily to a suitable facility (aka Timebomb Shitting), or outside in the elements (Adventure Shitting), or in front of an audience (ExhibiShitting). And if you’re one of those guys who tours 366 days a year in two awesome bands, you’re managing shit-plans on a moment-to-moment basis. From that comes mishaps, like this recent one in Iowa involving Tony “T-Buzz” Foresta, frontman of Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan, whose would-be routine dump cost one child his innocence. His account of the unfriendly public restroom:

Tbuzz Taco John's

Poor kid. With luck like that, the little fella should probably avoid sightseeing near the Westboro Church in Topeka.

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