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Weekend Nachos New Jam Is “Not Punk”


Weekend Nachos - Still

In August, dickpunchcore favorites Weekend Nachos gave away two songs from their upcoming album Still (Relapse). Today they let us only borrow the third. But it’s a killer jam with an equally inspired title: “You’re Not Punk.” Gosh, those three little words are not so much a song’s title as they’re a paradox of breathtaking elegance! I mean, upon speaking the words “You’re not punk” with any sincerity, a dude is disqualified from being punk. For to judge punkness is to betray punk’s disregard for boundaries. Is this blowing your mind right now? I mean, fuck, it’s like an Escher staircase! Or a cannibal’s feast of his own leg! Anyway, crank “You’re Not Punk” here and have an awesome night :)

Still by Weekend Nachos is out November 8. Pre-order here.

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