Br00tal Behind Bars: ‘Orange’ Star Is Into Awesome Metal

'Hey there goes Tim Lambesis.'
‘Hey there goes Tim Lambesis.’

A metalhead might be unsurprised by the success of Netflix’s prison comedy Orange Is The New Black. After all, we’d be the first to see that the show has all the makings of a breakout hit: It is set in a prison for female inmates (nice!), its characters are less-than-delicate women who break laws (hot!), and at least one of its cast members is a legit metal maniac (sigh!). That’s Jessica Pimentel (above, left), a smokin’ hot actress and musician from New York City.

Decibel caught up with Pimentel to talk about the awesome metal jams she’d like to show her troubled character on Orange, Maria Ruiz. But this playlist could save anybody who’s behind bars, real or fictional. Here are some highlights, with metal-as-fuck commentary by Pimentel:

At The Gates “Need”: “Rid my pain. Set me free.” I’m sure these are the two thoughts that run on loop in [Maria’s] mind. All day. Every day.

Metallica “Disposable Heroes”: Being in jail is constantly following rules. “You will do what I say when I say.”

Sepultura “Attitude”: You must have two KEY things to survive in prison and in LIFE: attitude and respect.

White Widows Pact “Slow Burn”: “I eat my way through the weeks, months and years.” The beginning of the end. Immense power behind every note, but saturated in darkness.

Immolation “Majesty and Decay”: “Worn away by years of conflict. Endless plains of crumbled stone.” Completely controlled chaos, misery, and depth. How can you control chaos? Exactly.

Dark Castle “Awake in Sleep”
“Awake inside of sleep to feel.” There is a moment on OITNB when Maria walks to her bed, lays down and puts the covers over her head. This is what I was listening to before I went in to shoot that.

Wow those are some real-deal metal jams. If Pimentel’s character does manage to hear them, she’ll soon shiv her way to gen-pop super-power. Check out her other impressive choices (and her unabridged commentary) at Decibel now. Then watch the first season of her fun, twisted show on Netflix with your gf :)

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