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Stream ‘Dream’: Jam Death Angel’s New Record Here


Death Angel - The Dream Calls for Blood

Like Forbidden and Overkill, Death Angel may never have ruled the world of thrash metal. But that has nothing to do with quality, vibe, or personality; DA gets high marks on each. So maybe these bands were the victims of “capacity”: Back in thrash’s heydey, a fan’s schedule was stuffed with life-ruling albums by the genre’s “titans”; too little time was left over for the releases that were merely awesome?

But, also like Forbidden and Overkill, DA’s recent records kinda whallop the last few by their former superiors Metallica and Megadeth (and contend effortlessly with Slayer’s and Anthrax’s). So the tables have certainly turned lol. Now crank up their new album The Dream Calls For Blood below!

Pre-order The Dream Calls For Blood here. Get Death Angel tourdates with 3 Inches Of Blood, Revocation, Battlecross, and Diamond Plate here

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