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Video: Glenn Danzig Instructs Fans to Punch a Fellow Concertgoer


Disappointing Danzig iPhone CaseVocalist, heartthrob, and all-around swell guy Glenn Danzig apparently has no idea that it’s 2013, and that all phones have cameras, and that, as a consequence, it’s pretty much impossible to prevent people from filming and taking photos of the performer(s) at a concert. I’m not making a moral judgment about that, by the way — I’m just saying, even the notoriously camera shy Axl Rose has given up on trying to stop people from filming him at shows.

So. Last week, a fan was filming Danzig at The Cuban Club in Florida, and Danzig spotted said fan filming him, he instructed the crowd to “punch that fuckin’ asshole right there.” Which, if the shaking at the end of the ensuing video is any indication, is exactly what happened.

The PRP reports that “While unconfirmed, there was apparently a no filming/pictures policy at the show” — but even if that’s true, I very much doubt that the policy included a provision whereby all offenders would get an ass beating from their fellow audience members.

Fellow audience members, by the way, who should be ashamed of themselves. Mindless sheep don’t know that just because the man on stage says to behave violently doesn’t mean you have to do so? Bbbbbbaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

[via Noisey]

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