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New Motorhead Album Aftershock: You, Stream, Now!


Motorhead 2013

The first line of Yahoo Music’s write-up of the new Motorhead album says it all: “40 years and 20 studio albums.” Holy shit! That’s bananas.

There isn’t anything we can tell you about Motorhead or their new album Aftershock that you don’t already know. It sounds like Motorhead. If anything, listening to Lemmy’s trademark voice — a little bit older, a little more grizzled sounding — is kinda spooky knowing the guy’s recent health issues. Could this be the last Motorhead album… ever? I don’t wanna be grim, but it’s certainly possible.

If Lemmy croaked tomorrow — not that we would wish that, of course, but playing hypotheticals here — would you be OK with declaring Aftershock a worthy swansong? It’d be incredibly difficult to argue “no.” Everything you love about Motorhead is all here. You shouldn’t go in expecting any surprises though, so if you never liked Motorhead before you probably aren’t gonna like ’em now.

Go and stream Aftershock now.

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