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Ihsahn Will Produce Matt Heafy’s (Trivium) Solo Album?!


Matt Heafy / Ihsahn

I could’ve sworn I read something about this in the past, yet I can’t find it anywhere. At the very least there are plenty of news bits proclaiming Trivium frontman Matt Heafy’s friendship with and admiration for Ihsahn (here’s one). And there’s this interview from August of 2012 in which Heafy states it’d be a dream of his to have Ihsahn produce his “Mrityu” side project. So this has definitely been a thing for a while, even if it hadn’t been officially announced.

Well, Heafy’s dream has now become a reality: the Trivium frontman revealed in a recent Metal Injection interview that Ihsahn will produce his solo album. From David Draiman to Ihsahn? Polar opposites, to be sure… but I get the impression Mrityu is not going to be anything like Trivium. Check out Heafy’s “Best Albums of 2012” list for a gauge on where Heafy’s head is at musically these days. Solid list!

Heafy admits it’ll be a while before the album materializes — Ihsahn is busy with promoting his new solo album and the Emperor reunion while Heafy is a promoting and touring behind a new album of his own — but our curiosity is definitely piqued if and when this project comes to fruition.

[via Heavy Blog]

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