Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Moving Structures, Jeff Kalmbach, Wolfheart

Sick initials, brahs.
Sick initials, brahs.

Moving Structures come across like a post-rock version of Scale the Summit and I’m digging the hell out of them. If East of the Wall decided to start a record label and then they signed these guys I’d be not at all shocked. Check it:

At first I rolled my eyes at Jeff Kalmbach‘s seemingly simple RATM-esque riffing, but then the guitarmonies and leads kicked in around the 0:40 mark and I was instantly sold. Dude can PLAY, and he can write too, sticking mostly to bluesified classic rock patterns. This is Not Here plays like several songs but it’s set up as a full 22-minute stream below. Dig it:

MS reader Matt Rydl sent in the below Wolfheart video, suggesting “I know some of you like Insomnium, Be’lakor, and the like, so give this a spin.” He was right on the money. They’re signed to Finnish label Violent Journey Records, but since I’ve never heard of that label I’ll give Wolfheart an Unsigned and Unholy hall pass. Spin it:

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