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Exclusive Premire: Tidal Arms, “Gooski’s Ladder”


Tidal Arms

We’re not really sure when we became hip to Tidal Arms, a Brooklyn-based stoner/noise/post-everything trio. Could’ve it been when they toured with East of the Wall? Probably so, because being asked to tour by EOTW is high praise in and of itself and, knowing how the homunculus at the MS Mansion thinks, that’d get us to check out a new band tout suite.

But who really cares when we found out about them as long as we eventually did, right? On their forthcoming self-titled sophomore album Tidal Arms promise to go “further in all the directions we started down on the debut,” and judging by “Gooski’s Ladder” they’ve done it; it’s noisier, its riffs are beefier, its atmospherics more grandiose, its songwriting more focused, its fuzzed-out vocals that much more powerful. Check it out below:

Pre-order the album on vinyl here.

And no, we have no idea who Gooski is or where his ladder leads.

Tidal Arms

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