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The Max Cavalera/Greg Puciato/Troy Sanders Supergroup Has a Name Now


Troy Sanders / Max Cavalera / Greg Puciato

Last week, Nuclear Blast Entertainment announced the signing of the new project featuring Max Cavalera, The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato, Mastodon’s Troy Sanders, and at least one other dude who isn’t SEO-worthy enough to be mentioned in any websites’ headlines. The MetalSucks staff, in turn, suggested some names for the band, and not to pat ourselves on the back, but I think we came up with some pretty damned great ones: The All-Studs? Mushroom Ambulance? Maxy Max & The Funky Bunch? Any one of these monikers would have been totally kick-ass and metal as fuck.

Unfortunately, the band has now announced their actual name, and, alas, they didn’t utilize any of our suggestions. Bummer.

The name they did settle on? Killer Be Killed.



It’s no Maxy Max & The Funky Bunch, I can tell you that much.

So. Here’s what I find kinda interesting about this band name… and I admit, this is me rambling, so feel free to stop reading whenever.

You all know the lyrics to the title track from The Dillinger Escape Plan’s most recent album, One of Us is the Killer, doncha? Here, I’ll remind you:

In the air we tried to be
But you shot your arrow through me
Now one of us must die
But the killer won’t survive

“The killer won’t survive.” So, basically… the Killer Be Killed?

I know I’m probably stretching here, but, y’know. I was a lit major in college. Arguing for vague thematic connections is what I do.

ANY, Killer Be Killed’s debut record is tentatively scheduled to be released in mid-2014. There’s no word on its title yet, but I already have a suggestion for the band to use, free of charge: Killer Be Kilt. No need to thank me, just being a good samaritan.

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