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Trapped Under Ice, Indeed: Metallica’s “December Surprise” is a Show in Antarctica

  • Axl Rosenberg

Lars Ulrich is FreezingEarlier this month, Lars Ulrich told a radio station that “there is another frontier coming in December, which [Metallica is] very excited about.” And while we feared said “new frontier” might be something along the lines of Lulu, it turns out it’s something which is — quite literally — much cooler.

The Colombian arm of Coca-Cola Zero is now holding a contest wherein the winner and a guest will be flown to Antarctica in December to see Metallica perform.

No need to wash out your eyes or clean your glasses. You read that correctly. Colombian Metallica fans can now enter a contest to be flown to Antarctica in December to see Metallica perform.

It isn’t presently clear if Coca-Cola drinkers from the rest of the world will be eventually be eligible for this contest.  (Or Coca-Cola drinkers younger than eighteen or older than twenty-four; as of this writing, the rules state that the winner must fall in that age range.) Nor is the exact date of the performance clear; the winner will “travel from 2 to December 15, 2013” according to the contest rules, so it’s obviously somewhere in that window.

I can hear Vince’s voice in my head going “A free trip to Antarctica and a Metallica concert??? COOL!” I don’t deny that this could be fun for the kinds of people who enjoy adventures to places like Antarctica, which is 98% percent covered in ice that is, on average, one mile thick. Slothful curmudgeons like me will have to wait for Sprite to hold a contest to see Metallica play on their couch. Certainly, the show will be intimate; according to, even if every person in Antarctica in December went to the concert, it would still be less than a third of the capacity of Madison Square Garden, the kind of arena where Metallica ususally plays:

“Antarctica has a permanent human population of zero. Antarctica’s population is made up entirely of researchers and scientists from around the globe. About 1,000 scientific personnel live there during the winter and this population increases to about 5,000 during the Antarctic summer. Antarctica experiences summer while it is winter in North America and Europe so a lot scientists go to Antarctica during the Northern hemisphere’s winter.”

So at least it will be warm, yuk yuk yuk.

Colombian MetalSucks readers between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four who are interested in getting more details can go here. For everyone else: yeah sorry I just can’t resist.


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