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Evan Brewer Performs with Suicidal Tendencies in France; Are They the “Potential Musical Opportunity” He’s Been “Exploring”?


Last month, fans noticed that The Faceless were touring without bassist Evan Brewer, leading some of us to speculate that he might be leaving the band. MetalSucks subsequently received a tip from a reliable source that Brewer was auditioning for a band “of a legendary status;” Brewer later confirmed this tip, announcing on Facebook that “I’ve been using this time to explore a potential musical opportunity that has presented itself.” To date, however, the identity of this “legendary band”/”potential musical opportunity” has remained a mystery.

Now some evidence has presented itself that the band in question may be none other than crossover thrashers Suicidal Tendencies.

What is that evidence, you ask? Well, last night, an anonymous MetalSucks reader alerted us to the fact that Brewer apparently performed with ST in Brest, France this past Thursday, October 17. Setlist.fm, which tends to be fairly reliable, notes that he Brewer joined the band for three songs during their encore, including a cover of Infectious Grooves’ “Turtle Wax.” Meanwhile, Brewer himself posted the below photograph on his Facebook page along with the caption “Encore in France!!!” (note that he’s even wearing a Suicidal Tendencies shirt)…

Evan Brewer with Suicidal Tendencies

…and a fan has posted the below footage from the performance on YouTube:

Combine this with the fact that Brewer has cited Suicidal Tendencies as an early inspiration for learning to play bass, and suddenly the idea of him joining the band seems wholly plausible.

All of that being said, we should note that there’s also some evidence against the idea that Brewer may be joining ST: specifically, that the band’s current bassist, Tim “RAWBIZ” Williams, was also on hand in France, and seems to have played for a far greater portion of the performance than Brewer did. It’s not unheard of for a musician who is leaving a band to help find and possibly even “train”  (that is, teach the parts to) his replacement… but right now, there’s nothing concrete to suggest that Williams is on the way out.

So, basically, we’re back to square one. I guess we’ll see what happens next! In the meantime, if any MetalSucks readers have the inside scoop, feel free to drop us a line!

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