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Tides From Nebula: New Instru-Metal You’re Guaranteed to Like


Tides From Nebula - Eternal Movement

So I guess this whole atmospheric instrumental post-rock genre is really a THING now. That’s not bad, by any means, because the bands in the genre uniformly rock (not all entirely instrumental): Junius, If These Trees Could Talk, Set and Setting, And So I Watch You From Afar… even Cloudkicker, Scale the Summit and Russian Circles exist on the peripheral edge. It makes me happy to see instrumental rock/metal gaining such widespread acceptance, and it makes me even happier that it’s not all lazily labeled “djent,” now apparently a four letter word. But it stands to reason that this sub-genre really needs a name. “Atmospheric instrumental post-rock” is too clunky and doesn’t have such a good ring to it while “instru-metal” isn’t specific enough. Any ideas, anyone?

Check out “Only With Presence,” a new song by Tides From Nebula, the latest on the cutting edge of atmospheric instrumental post-rock. New album Eternal Movement is out now everywhere except for North America, where it’ll be released by Longbranch/SPV on November 5th.

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