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Stream Warbringer’s New Album IV: Empires Collapse in Full Right Now!


Warbringer - IV Empires Collapse

Alkahest got it right in his official MetalSucks review of  Warbringer’s new jam IV: Empires Collapse; this album is a bit more than meets the typical Warbringer re-thrash skeptic’s eye. It’s fitting that Alkahest name-checked Revocation in his review, because in listening to the full album stream that’s running at Revolver I’m hearing trace Revocationisms all over the place. Measured death metal blasts, hints of black metal, that certain proggy something that pervades Dave Davidson’s riffs, even some Marty Friedman-esque lead work.

These L.A. no-longer-upstarts seem to have pushed themselves just a bit harder this time around. No, Warbringer haven’t approached Revocation-level brilliance yet, but IV: Empires Collapse is absolutely worth a second look if you heretofore wrote off Warbringer as simple re-thrash (as I had). Yes, there’s still a bunch of standard thrash here too.

Stream the album in full at Revolver and/or order it here, then come back and share your thoughts with us in the comments (or just spout off in the comments with your pre-formed opinions without listening at all).

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