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The Weirdest Thing on the Metalwebs Today: Maximum the Hormone’s New Album Trailer


Maximum the Hormone - Yoshu Fukushu

Maximum the Hormone are easily the weirdest thing going right now in all of metal. If you’re not yet familiar, get caught up on our history with this bizarre Japanese band here.

And so: a bilingual MetalSucks reader known as Billkwando went through the trouble of translating a trailer for the band’s new album and sub-titling it for the enjoyment of you and me. What a guy! Predictably, it’s weird as fuqq — I recognize some of the song samples from what we posted back in July, but I mean those lyrics… like whoa, they don’t make sense even in English. What the I don’t even

The new album this trailer is teasing — Yoshu Fukushu— is actually out already, so to some extent this is old news although we’re betting it’s new to most of you. It’s not an easy one to find, though; it’s available at Amazon on imported CD for $49.99 (!) or used for as little (lol) as $26.00, and it’s not in the MP3 store. Yowza. iTunes is a non-starter too. So good luck.

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