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I Dare You to Listen to the New Weekend Nachos Album and Sit Still


Weekend Nachos - StillCan you listen to the new Weekend Nachos album, Still — now streaming over at Decibel — and NOT leap to your feet and start being destructive? I doubt it — Still all curb-stomp drums, bazooka bass, and burn-you-to-the-bone guitars, music’s answer to being hit in the face by a fist clutching a roll of quarters. I hit “play” to start the stream, and my teeth immediately shattered, my nose began to gush blood, and I later discovered that I actually have a concussion.

If the brain damage is permanent, it will have been worth it.

So clear some space wherever you are and make sure to put your mouth guard in and your bike helmet on before streaming Weekend Nachos’ Still YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!! The album comes out November 11 on Relapse.

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