Van Halen Unite Jews, Christians, and Muslims*!!! (*But only on South Park)


van halen southpark


Although I wish the above image were my own creation, it is, in fact, a series of images from this week’s episode of South Park, “Ginger Cow,” in which Jews, Christians, and Muslims finally make peace with one another, and celebrate by rockin’ out to a live Van Halen performance. That idea is funny enough (the characters’ disbelieving cries of “No way!” when VH take the stage are priceless), but the best part is when a newscaster announces that “Jews, Christians and Muslims have united, ushering in 10 years of Van Halen”… as though Van Halen were the name of a holiday. Soooo good. If there WERE a Van Halen, I’d probably go to synagogue more often.

Here are clips:

[via Metal Insider]

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