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Queensryche L.A. Guns Entombed Release a Brand New Track


Entombed - Back to the Front

Hey, there’s a new Entombed track! Which version of Entombed is this, you might ask? Oh — you weren’t aware that Entombed are now the L.A. Guns / Queensryche of Swedish death metal? Truth: there are now two entities calling themselves and performing under the name Entombed. Yes, this is completely ridiculous.

One version of Entombed recently reunited and touts itself as the “classic” version — consisting of Alex Hellid (guitar), Ulf “Uffe” Cederlund (guitar) and Nicke Andersson (drums) — and is set to perform the band’s second album Clandestine on February 1, 2014 in Gävle, Sweden with a 65-piece orchestra and 40-piece choir. The other version, featuring sole original member Lars Göran Petrov on vocals, is the one that has continued making music through the years (albeit with many lineup changes along the way). And that’s the version that just released a new song from a new album called Back to the Front, set to come out sometime next year. Stream the new song, “Vulture and the Traitor,” below.

The Queensryche analogy doesn’t really hold since Geoff Tate quit and formed a new band instead of the other members doing so. L.A. Guns are more apt a comparison — the recently reunited Entombed are the Tracii Guns L.A. Guns while the consistently recording outfit is the Phil Lewis L.A. Guns. I think. I don’t know?? Does anyone really care as long as the music ultimately sounds like the thing it’s supposed to be?

Oh right, new song:

Sounds like Entombed, right? I can’t imagine any fans of Entombed being dissatisfied with it regardless of the names of the guys that made it. But I’m sure those guys and their feuding Entombed counterparts would beg to differ.

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