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Blake Judd: “It’s Official — Nachtmystium is R.I.P.”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Nachtmystium RIPWith Blake Judd’s ongoing addictions finally leading to his arrest and subsequent vow to get sober once and for all, the Nachtmystium mastermind is now saying the band is done for good. He’s posted the below message on his Facebook page…

Blake Judd Post Part 1 Blake Judd Post Part 2

…along with this live footage:

I’m a massive Nachtmystium fan, but this doesn’t get me down too much. For one thing, it’s not the first time Judd has said the band was over. For another, EVERYONE reunites sooner or later, save for the original Guns N’ Roses. And for another other thing, Blake Judd IS Nachtmystium. He can revive it at pretty much any point he wants, and there’s an argument to be made that any metal he makes in the future will, in effect, be Nachtmystium by another name (hopefully smelling as sweet).

And even if this the end, well, at least we those final two releases to look forward to.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Thanks: Stephen P.

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