Tim Lambesis Trial

Nancy Grace Spotlights Tim Lambesis Trial, Suggests He Had a Mistress


Nancy Grace / Tim Lambesis

The Nancy Grace show on the HLN television network ran a spotlight feature on the Tim Lambesis case last night. Why now, six months after the story broke? No idea. And why is she presenting this as “breaking” news? Also no idea. Maybe the news that the trial will last well into 2014 attracted some attention.

This part is breaking, however: she refers to Tim Lambesis’ “mistress” at least four times throughout the segment as if it’s a known fact that he had one. This is not something we’ve heard about before. It wouldn’t be entirely shocking to learn that Lambesis had another lover in the midst of a troubled relationship with his wife, but… where is this information coming from? The talking heads on this segment are more of the “industry expert” variety, not anyone connected to the case. Are Nancy Grace and her team privy to documents we haven’t seen yet, or are they running on speculation that’s entirely misguided?

I’ve never watched Nancy Grace before, but the sense I get is that she’s a controversial figure in the news world known for expressing her opinions. Watching the below segment, that definitely seems to be the case. The entire segment was 20 minutes long, according to Lambesisgoat, with the first four minutes or so posted below.

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