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Free Stuff Alert: Century Media Sampler Features Devin Townsend, Intronaut, Leprous, The Safety Fire, etc


Carnival of Sounds III

This is for you because you like free stuff, you have varied tastes in metal, and Century Media’s got the goods today.

It’s Carnival of Sounds III, the third (duh) such sampler of its kind. Century’s roster is diverse, and so is this sampler: you’ll get Queensryche (the mercifully Tate-less version) alongside Devin Townsend, Fates Warning next to The Safety Fire, Turisas across from TesseracT and so on and so forth. It’s a little bit of something for everybody, and a little of everything for someone. And it’s free. So do it!

Download it here for the price of an email address.

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