Angelica’s New Video Will Break Your Heart (with Laughter)


I received Angelica’s video for “Breaking My Heart” via a link from an official-looking-enough press release, but when I first started watching it, I thought I’d clicked the wrong link or something. Was I on Hulu, watching an SNL skit starring Vanessa Bayer?

Angelica Vanessa Bayer

Or on Netflix, watching the horror flick American Mary?Angelica American Mary

But, no. This is a really real thing. Someone wrote the lyrics “I know just how bad boys play” and “Play with fire but I love the view out at the edge,” and this music, and put ’em together, and then put all that against the backdrop of this video, and did it all sincerely, in 2013. And a LOT of people had to sign off on the whole thing to make it happen. It makes me feel like my brain is gushing blood.

Angelica “Breaking My Heart” is taken from the album Thrive, which comes out via Frontiers Records on November 29 in Europe and December 4 in North America.

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