ASG’s Blood Drive: Year-End List Worthy?


ASG - Blood Drive Large

ASG’s Blood Drive has definitely gotta be in the conversation for year-end Best Of lists. It doesn’t have quite the immediacy of 2007’s Win Us Over, but it’s a grower — the depth and dynamic of the riffs reveal themselves over time like a soup that tastes better the next day after you’ve let it sit out overnight. It congeals and coalesces in just the right way that only time can provide. Mmmmm, tasty! Todd agrees.

Ponder that as you slurp down ASG’s new video for “Scrappy’s Trip.” It’s just a live video, but it was shot in the band’s hometown for maximum energy and rockage, and, more importantly, it’s given me an opportunity to remind you check out Blood Drive again, or, if you haven’t yet, for the first time. Stream it in full below, or via Spotify.

[via Metal Insider]

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