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Aspiring Professional Musicians MUST Read Ozzy Osbourne’s Career Advice

  • Axl Rosenberg

Ozzy LonerSay what you want about Ozzy Osbourne — you can’t argue that the guy hasn’t had a helluva career. He helped create an entire genre of music, sold millions of albums and played for millions of people all over the world, has been in movies, had his own television show, his own summer festival tour, been banned from an entire state for a decade, eaten live animals, and tasted Nikki Sixx’s pee. I mean, truly, what more could any aspiring musician want? Which is why Ozzy’s advice to young bands, as stated in this recent interview, is so invaluable for anyone who hopes to someday make their living working in this business we call show:

“Drink more and take as much cocaine as you can. That’s what I would tell my younger self.”

Wow. Four-and-a-half decades of knowledge conveyed with one pithy statement. When I think of all the time MetalSucks columnists have spent giving advice about how to make great music and then get that music into the hands of the right people and network and all that bullshit, when it really all could have been boiled down to coke and booze. And THIS, my friends, is why Ozzy is The Prince of Darkness, and the rest of us are but jesters in his court. Bravo, sir. Bravo!!! Aspiring Professional Musicians MUST Read Ozzy Osbourne’s Career Advice

[via Metal Injection]

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