Tim Lambesis Trial

Entirety of Metal Media Misidentifies Meggan Lambesis


Update, 2:57 pm: Reader Stephen P. has sent in a screen cap of the real Meggan Lambesis in As I Lay Dying’s DVD, This is Who We Are. There is some physical resemblance to Jillian Shriner… not that that makes up for our mistake.

The Real Meggan Lambesis

It’s a safe bet you’ve seen the below photo quite a bit since this past May.

this is not meggan lambesis

MetalSucks, along with pretty much every other media outlet in the world (regardless of whether or not that outlet specifically covers metal), as well as totally batshit Tim Lambesis supporters, have been using it whenever we talk about Meggan Lambesis, because, well, it’s the only photo of Meggan Lambesis we have!

And by “the only photo of Meggan Lambesis we have,” I mean “we are all idiots and we have no photos of Meggan Lambesis.”

Metal Injection broke the kinda sad, kinda hilarious news earlier today:

“I was tipped off over the weekend by somebody close to As I Lay Dying that the image we are publishing identifying Meggan is actually Weezer bassist Scott Shiner’s wife, Jillian. Here’s the origin of the photo on Jillian’s personal blog. The Shiners also adopted a child from Africa, which leads me to believe that’s the reason Jillian was originally identified as Meggan.”

The first time we saw the photo was as part of the aforementioned anti-Meggan meme, so, really, we have some kooky As I Lay Dying fan to blame. And it seems safe to say that word of the misidentification never found its way to Ms. Shriner, or, surely, she would have spoken up. Somewhat more odd is that plenty of people who presumably could tell on sight that it wasn’t Meggan’s photo haven’t said a peep.

Still, that’s no defense. So on behalf of MetalSucks and all the other sheep who blindly assumed it was Meggan’s photo because some nutjob who blames Meggan for Tim’s current plight said it was, I’d like to apologize to Meggan, Jillian Shriner, Scott Shriner, and to you, our readers. We’re sorry, we’re sorry, we’re very, very sorry.

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