Video: Kvelertak Blow the Roof Off a Roof


This video of Kvelertak performing their song “Kvelertak” on the roof of Oslo’s Sentrum Scene for the P3 Guld Awards over the weekend is in-fuckin’-credible; although seeing the band on a roof isn’t quite as metal as seeing one of their shows spill out into the street, this must be the best live recording of the band to date… the sound is amazing!!! I do kinda wonder if they did multiple takes to get all the visuals — there are a ton of mobile close-ups, but no visible cameramen, cranes, or film equipment of any kind in the wide and overhead shots — but whatever, this is still awesome. It’s like Guns N’ Roses’ video for “Don’t Cry,” only we know where Izzy is.


Thanks to the anonymous reader who sent this in!

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