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Morbid Angel’s David Vincent Claims that Former Drummer Pete Sandoval “Has Found Jesus”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Pete_SandovalI think that by now, most, if not all, Morbid Angel fans have given up on Pete Sandoval ever coming back to the band. After all, he had as many nasty things to say about Ilud Divinum Insanus as anyone.

But this is first I’m hearing anything about the cause of the split having to do with Sandoval finding God. This is from a new David Vincent interview over at Invisible Oranges:

Only you and Trey [Azagthoth] remain from the Covenant lineup. You’re touring with Destructhor on guitar and Tim [Yeung] on drums. Is it weird to play this album without Pete Sandoval?

Nope. Not at all. Tim’s an excellent drummer. He handles the material very well. He was a big fan of the record when it came out, too. He’s a couple years my junior, but it’s cool. He feels the songs really well, and it’s fun.

Is Pete still an official member of the band? He’s still listed as one in various places online.

Pete’s no longer in Morbid Angel.

I know he publicly said some unkind things about the last record after it came out.

Well, his whole way of life has changed. He’s in a different spot, and the spot that he’s in right now, Pete Sandoval and Morbid Angel are not compatible.

How so?

Well, he has found Jesus. You can see where the incompatibility comes from.

Wait… seriously? And no one has ever mentioned it ’til now? And let’s not forget, Sandoval has made another Terrorizer album (and a really good one at that) since he last performed with Morbid Angel. Why would that be any more acceptable to a Christian than Morbid Angel? I guess because MA is more overtly anti-God…?

I dunno. This seems fishy to me. Hopefully Sandoval will step forward and clear it all up soon — whether that means saying “This is a crock” or “I mosh 4 Christ” now.

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