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“Avow”: New Throwdown Song is Throwdown


Throwdown - Avow

Which is to say, it’s super-simple, completely unoriginal, and catchy as hell. I find it very hard to listen to this and not, at the very least, bob my head. It actually represents what I miss about this generation of ‘core bands, as opposed to the current generation of ‘core bands: okay so it’s not the greatest thing ever, but it’s a song, fer Chrissakes, and I totally understand why anyone might dig it. That’s a strong contrast with, say, Emmure, which just sounds like someone recorded an American tourist in Tijuana suffering from Montezuma’s Revenge and slipped some reverb on it. I don’t even mind that the song is about being straight edge! Although I do wonder if the band might write some more original riffs with the aid of drugs. It certainly hasn’t hurt 99% of all other musicians in the history of rock n’ roll.

Check out “Avow” below. It will appear on Intolerance, Throwdown’s first new album since 2009. It comes out January 21 on eOne.

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