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Sh*t That Comes Out Today (And Beyond): December 10-31, 2013

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alghazanth the three faced pilgrim

Hello MetalSuckalos! Welcome to 2013’s final Shit That Comes Out Today, our weekly round-up of each Tuesday’s hard and heavy new releases. Today’s edition is special, for it collects all of the week’s just-unleashed metal — but also the slamming new shit that’s set to drop on the remaining Tuesdays in December. That means you’re covered for today, December 17, December 24, and December 31 too! Sweet!

But be vigilant, dear reader, cuz while we’re away, those releases set for the next few weeks will probably unveil more free streams, videos, and sneak peeks. Please stick links in the comments below for your fellow readers, k? We at MS would do it but we’ll be… occupied. (Yeah, that’s it.) And if you miss us, just re-read the STCOT archive (here) to revisit all of 2013’s killer and not-so-killer jams. Annnd remind your friendly band people, publicists, label dudes, and whomever to send new releases info to Anso (at) MetalSucks (dot) net.

Thanks so much everybody! What treasures we shall unearth in 2014! See you then :)


Disfiguring the Goddess - DeprivedDisfiguring The Goddess
Deprive (Decomp · December 10)
On a playlist with: I Declare War, Burning The Masses, Annotations Of An Autopsy
Listen “The Pathway To Everlasting Nothingness” (here) “Deprive” (here) “Home Of The Dollmaker” “Deaths Head Mask” “Industrial Quarter” and “Swarm King” (here)
Read Dave Mustein MetalSucks review (here)

If you want something that hits fucking hard, then Deprive is a full-stop. Kind of like this. Or this. We remember Cameron Argon and DtG from the less nuanced but still mega-hard Sleeper, but this new album brings to the table a heaping ladle of deep-seated complexity and tremor which really forces the album’s sheer weight deeper into your mind. As cliche as it sounds, I say this is one of 2013’s heaviest albums.


Everything In Slow motion PhoenixEverything In Slow Motion
Phoenix (Facedown · December 10)
On a playlist with: Deafheaven, Junius, The End
Listen “Most Days” (here) “Speak” (here)

Super mood-core semi-prog jam-’em-up outfit Everything In Slow Motion is new to me. Like, just discovered this shit (and that’s kind of the point of Shit That Comes Out Today, amirite?). So check out “Most Days” for what sold me hard and instantly: smooth, percussive feels then slam-and-hit on the absolute wave of vocals (around 2:10 and 3:40). So if you’re not into dynamic, atmospheric metal which gives you chills up the spine, then change your mind, yo! ‘Cause Phoenix is incredible.


After the Burial - Wolves WithinAfter The Burial
Wolves Within (Sumerian · December 17)
On a playlist with: Veil Of Maya, Born Of Osiris, Within The Ruins
Listen “A Wolf Amongst Ravens” (here) “Of Fearful Men” (here)

Rareform (2008) smoked the fuck out of In Dreams (2010). And here in 2013, After The Burial’s new jam “Of Fearful Men” annihilates another, “A Wolf Amongst Ravens.” I was so disappointed by “Wolf” that I didn’t listen to “Fearful Men” right away. But I did, and there was an explosion in the little corner of my heart that Sumerian holds hard! It’s so fucking core! Hehe! Okay, Wolves Within is an immensely technical and sexy album. Progressive as hell, but still keeps After The Burial’s silky 8-string smoothness. Compare it to Within The Ruins’ newest and see which comes out on top! Love them both!


Ingested Revered By No One, Feared By AllIngested
Revered By No One, Feared By All EP (Siege Of Amida · December 17)
On a playlist with: Decapitated, Rivers Of Nihil, Fit For An Autopsy
Listen “Endgame” (here)

Shit, 2013 has brought (and is still bringing!) a thrilling evolution of the technical death metal genre. Example: Everyone and their fuckin’ mum raved about the new Rivers Of Nihil jam. Why? Cause it is wicked. Ingested has been around for a bit longer, but that same freshman feel abounds on their Revered By No One, Feared By All EP. It feels like a bespoke comeuppance from the seventh circle of hell, but with a lot less actual physical pain. It’s not gonna hurt your eardrums, but it’s gonna tickle them back into your brain. Also, slam.


Valdur At War WithValdur
At War With (Bloody Mountain · December 17)
On a playlist with: Necrite, Incursis, Killgasm
Listen “Death Winds Will Cleanse” (here)

The premiere black metal release from this STCOT comes straight outta sunny California! Weird mood juxtaposition there. Because At War With is crazy atmospheric and post, but with this mountainous and curious twinge. I’m not talking lumberjack (think Mastodon), and I’m also not talking b-movie horrors at the budget cinema. It’s a really precise kind of atmosphere that you can’t put your fingers on. Like you’ve already been lost and just came to the realization!


“Preying/Purging” 7″ · December 17
On a playlist with: Hundredth, Therefore I Am, The Color Morale
Listen “Preying” (here)

Vanna: hardcore/punk with sexy breakdowns and screaming like “I CAN’T LOOK MYSELF IN THE EYES.” I’m like, Okay, there’s the mirror, I’m sure you could if you really wanted, but hey, it sounds heavy anyway so go with it! I like the “Preying/Purging” 7″, but for weird reasons. Not because it’s excellent, but because it’s so chock full of feeling and gusto. There’s no flippancy or tongue-in-cheek here, so Vanna comes across so much cleaner and home-hitting. So if during the last month of this year you need some straight-up smash-and-grab hardcore, here ya go.



DerogatoryDecember 10
Batillus / Kowloon Walled City split (Brutal Panda) listen
» Derogatory Above All Else (FDA Rekotz) listen listen listen
» Dismal Giostra di Vapore (Dreamcell 11) listen
Evergreen Terrace Dead Horses (Rise) listen
Groan Ride The Snake EP (Superhot) listen
Honour Crest Spilled Ink (Rise) listen listen
» Kimi Karki The Bone Of My Bones (Svart) listen
Dismal Giostra di VaporeMastodon Live At Brixton (Warner Bros) watch watch watch watch read
Nightwish Showtime, Storytime live CD/DVD (Nuclear Blast) watch watch
The Ocean Collective Oblivion live DVD (Metal Blade) watch watch
» Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies Earth Air Spirit Water Fire (Vàn) listen
Slaughterday Nightmare Vortex (FDA Rekotz) listen

December 17
kimi karki - cover small
¤ Alghazanth The Three-Faced Pilgrim (Woodcut) listen
Blind Secrecy The Edge EP (Inverse) listen listen
Caina Earth Inferno (Church Of Fuck) listen
Hecate Enthroned Virulent Rapture (Crank) listen
Kauan Pirut (Blood) listen listen
Tromort Creación Profana (Mulligore) listen listen

December 24
Selim Lemouchi & His EnemiesNaxal Protocol The Guilty Should Get What They Deserve (Eibon) listen
Neronoia Sapore di Luce e di Pietra (Eibon) listen

December 31
Depicting Abysm Immersion (Naturmacht) listen
El Drugstore Plague Ship (Nefarious Activities) listen
Gandreid Nordens Skalder (Naturmacht) listen


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