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Stream TWO New Disfiguring the Goddess Albums!


Disfiguring the Goddess - Deprived

Blast that wily Cameron Argon! He’s been pulling the wool over our eyes this entire time, hyping up the release of his new Disfiguring the Goddess album Deprive when he’d been planning to drop TWO new albums on December 10th all along. When we premiered a song from Deprive in October and when we gave it the official review treatment last week — in which reviewer Dave Mustein said the album’s biggest knock was that its “brief length keeps it from reaching its maximum potential” — we had no idea this was gonna happen, we swear! We’re just as surprised as you are. Well, Dave, in effect Deprive just got a whole lot longer.

And so: Metal Injection is streaming not only Deprive but its companion Black Earth Child. I haven’t spent enough time with either album to ascertain whether one is markedly different from the other — i.e. The Wall Disc 1 and Disc 2 — but I’m sure by now that slam experts the world over have, and that they won’t mind sharing their opinions in our comments section. So stream these babies over at Metal Injection then come back and tell us what you discover.

Both albums are available for purchase right now in the Disfiguring The Goddess webstore.

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