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Ghost: Next Album Will Be “More Metal”



Were you among the naysayers who thought that Ghost’s 2013 release Infestissumam (which, interestingly, appeared on surprisingly few MetalSucks writers’ Best of 2013 lists) was a little bit light on the metal quotient? I personally don’t really care — with a band like Ghost it all boils down to how good the songs are, IMO — but I know there was a vocal contingent that thought Ghost left their metal roots for dead after Opus Eponymous.

Grieve no more, Ghosty metal lovers! In a new interview with Berlin Metal TV [via Metal Injection] a Nameless Ghoul reveals that Ghost’s next album — which he says they’re writing now and will eventually come out in spring 2015 — will be a bit heavier:

From a guitarist point of view, I think that Infestissumam turned out a little bit too vocal sometimes. I’m pleased with the record, I’m just saying that in the future, we’re probably gonna add more instrumental parts, which you in a way can probably regard as ‘more metal’ just because it’s gonna be more guitars playing and more things happening.

It’s worth noting that of course a guitarist is going to say he wants to make the next album heavier and more guitar-centric, so this quote should be taken with a pinch of cayenne pepper. It’s entirely possible that whoever controls the shots in this band doesn’t see it quite that way. If this quote came from Papa Emeritus I think it’d carry more weight, not because he is the most prominent public figure / character in the band but because he doesn’t play guitar (live, anyway). Still, who knows, maybe the next album will be heavier. We’ll presumably find out when the band releases new music in 2015, by which time Matt Harvey will be back in uniform for the New York Mets. It seems like an eternity from now. Yes, I measure time in terms of the Mets; how sad.

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