Reunion Mania

Reunited SikTh Will Play Download Festival in 2014

SikTh in 2006
SikTh in 2006

We’ve seen this event coming since January of 2012, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting now that it’s here: posthumously legendary U.K. prog/tech-metallers SikTh have announced they are reuniting for really real. They will perform at the world famous Download Festival in the U.K. in June of 2014.

Despite having been broken up for four years at the time, SikTh opened an online merch store in January 2012 and then announced a few days later that a new album would be on the way. We’re still waiting for said album, but with the Download Performance looming (and who knows what other shows) perhaps they’re starting to get things for the album in gear. Read guitarist Dan Weller’s statement on what the future holds for SiKth over at Metal Hammer; either the band genuinely has no plans right now or he’s just being coy.

The funny thing in these reunion situations is that the band is way bigger now than they ever were when they were actively touring and making music — see also: Carcass, At the Gates, Faith No More, etc. — further proving that the only thing under-appreciated genre pioneers need to do to get the recognition and following they deserve is to break up for a while then get back together. You hear that, Darkest Hour? Who needs any stinkin’ integrity??? (Hi, Mike! xoxoxo)

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