Ex-Korn Drummer David Silveria: “Jon’s Balls Were Gone Because His Wife Put Them in a Jar”


Davis Silveria / Jonathan Davis

Apparently ex-Korn David Silveria wasn’t satisfied with the shit he slang (slung?) at former and current Korn bassist Fieldy Arvizu last night in a very public Facebook exchange, calling Fieldy a “little bitch” and a “judgmental self righteous idiot,” among other things. Now he’s taking aim at band mainman Jonathan Davis.

In another Facebook chain that started last night, a Korn fan linked to an interview from 2007 (again with the old interviews!) in which Jonathan Davis offered the following on Korn’s split with Silveria:

It was a mutual decision between the band. But on a basic level, David’s playing and his technique were just gone. We were quite worried when we were getting ready to make our new album. We’d set up rehearsals and David was like, ‘No, I can’t make it’ and then we’d arrange another one and he’d be like, ‘No, can’t make it’. So I said to him, ‘I think you need to take a break,’ and I haven’t heard from him since.

So another fan named Chad Lansdell took it upon himself roughly three hours ago to ask Silveria what he thought about Davis’ swipe at him:

David Silveria, just curious but what do you have to say in reply to Jonathan saying your drumming and technique was just gone?

To which Silveria replied (in two separate posts):

That’s ridiculous.

Jon’s balls were gone because his wife put them in a jar:)

The latter comment has since been removed, but here’s a screen cap of it:


Obviously Silveria’s playing around here, but the fact that he deleted the comment shows that he thought better of it after posting. To his credit, I will say that Silveria doesn’t seem too vindictive (for the most part) — he’s got some kind words for his former bandmate Munky, and even current Korn drummer Ray Luzier (although he says Ray is a “nice guy” and he has nothing against him personally, he does say Ray “butcher[s] [his] songs”), and I don’t get the impression he’s slinging mud so much as just telling his side of the story. Does anyone doubt that Fieldy acted like a tough guy and that the band’s tour staff laughed at him behind his back? Certainly seems plausible.

But Silveria has to realize he’s dealing in a public forum here. Earlier today Silveria made the following claim: “I was having a conversation with someone not making a press release. I don’t care if fieldy reads this but it was not my intention for what I said to end up on a news site.” Silveria was having a conversation on his own Facebook page, yes, which he has chosen to keep accessible to the public; if he doesn’t want his statements to be picked up by news sites he is more than capable of making his Facebook profile private with a few clicks of the mouse, or, better yet, not even risking it by keeping his yap shut on the issue entirely. But I don’t actually believe he didn’t want his comments to go public based on what he said yesterday: “Feel free to share my other comment anywhere that fieldy may see it.” That’s a much different sentiment than “I don’t care if Fieldy reads this.” His intent was clearly, in some way, shape or form, to get the word out to Fieldy. Whether he anticipated every major metal news site would post about it is another issue, but COME ON, of course we’re going to post about it, this stuff is our bread and butter.

And lest Silveria think we’re picking on him, know this: Axl and I have long held that Silveria was the only talented member of Korn.

In conclusion: drama! Fun!

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