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Exclusive Video Premiere: Sandrider, “Gorgon”


Sandrider - Godhead

Seattle’s powerhouse heavy-rock label Good To Die Records has been on a steady roll lately, spotlighting bands who possess classically Northwest yet inexpressibly modern sounds. Sandrider are the most recent to surface from the label, and the metal world (understandably) can’t get enough of them. Somehow the name “stoner rock” gets tossed around when describing this band — maybe it’s the Dune-inspired name? maybe it’s the artwork? maybe the word “sand” puts the desert in people’s minds? who knows! — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Relentless, unbridled energy, lightning-fast beats and everybody-in-the-band-sing-this-part choruses make Sandrider a completely Seattle-doused post-punk explosion. If you’ve ever considered yourself a fan of Refused, Whores, Converge, or anything that gets you on your feet screaming, then this band’s for you.

This video for Sandrider’s single “Gorgon” gives you a perfect taste of the incredible album that is Godhead — really, the entire album is fantastic — and it comes complete with a house show and silly string. There’s not really much more you could want. Watch and enjoy — but make sure there aren’t any breakable objects nearby.

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