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SHOCKER: Stryper Admit That God Doesn’t Want Them to Play


Stryper Punished by GodPretty much every single part of the globe that is prone to getting to snow currently is getting snow, and LOTS of it. As a result, Stryper have been forced to cancel two shows — tonight’s gig at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and tomorrow’s concert at Stage 48 in NYC — which isn’t really surprising because, again, holy shit is there ever a fuckton of snow out right now.

What is surprising, though, is this statement from the band, who were one of the first ever to mosh 4 Christ:

“We’ve explored everything within our power to make this happen, but at this point it’s truly an ‘act of God’ and it’s beyond our control.”

WHAT?!?!?!?! “An act of God”?!?!?!?! But… but… how could God NOT be on Stryper’s side???? Doesn’t He know that they’re just trying to spread his good word??? How many Satanic bands WON’T have to miss their shows this weekend because of snow storms? WHY, GOD, WHY?!?!?

Oh well. Maybe this is punishment for the band’s idiotic fan weekend this past October. THAT oughta teach ’em to charge fans $777 to see a clip of a music video.

[via Metal Underground]

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