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Polyphia “Envision” a New Playthrough


Polyphia - Envision

Hey-o! Polyphia just dropped a new single, “Envision,” along with an accompanying playthrough video (with one of the ever-more-popular “guest guitar solos” — this one by Rick Graham). The band have blown up since we first posted about them last year – they’ve jumped to nearly 50,000 likes on Facebook, which is really quite good for how new they are.

“Envision” is an unreleased track from their debut Inspire, and sounds pretty similar to the bulk of that material – a kind of salad of tasteful shred licks, proggy melodies, and technical mindfuckery. Guitar tone kills as always. But I can’t help but feel that “Envision” is a bit aimless compared to the rest of the material on the band’s debut EP – it’s a bit too solo-heavy and not as structurally fluid, which renders it less emotionally impactful. That last guest solo, through impressive, definitely drags on for a bit too long.

Check out “Envision” below, then weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section.

You can stream/purchase “Envision” on the band’s Bandcamp page.

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