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100 Years of Rock Visualized in Less Than One Minute



Hooray for infographics! Especially animated ones that are as cool as this: 100 Years of Rock Visualized.

Sure, some of the audio examples they use to exemplify metal sub-genres are dubious — Megadeth is “Dark Metal” now? — and for some reason the chart stops at the year 2000, meaning the last 15 years of metal sub-genres like metalcore (today’s incarnation), deathcore, djent, etc are completely ignored. But it’s still a really neat visualization, and I find it interesting that so much physical space on this chart after 1980 is taken up by metal — nearly half! Either metal has greatly increased in popularity during that time or we’re all just completely ridiculous about categorization of niche metal sub-sub-sub-genres (probably both).

Check it out here.

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