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This Doug Pinnick / George Lynch / Ray Luzier Project Could Be Pretty Cool



I feel like I say this about every project involving Doug Pinnick, metal’s coolest 60+ year old, but it’s true — the guy can pretty much do no wrong. And with these other two cats involved? Jeez Louise. George Lynch is a monster, and Ray Luzier is far better than his current day job in Korn would let on. Three musicians’ musicians jamming together and I’m pretty sure the results are gonna be stellar.

The new project, dubbed KXM, just released a two-minute studio video featuring a hefty audio chunk of the new material. And it sounds excellent, exactly like the sum of its parts (mercifully minus the Korn!). Check it out below:


Official release date for the debut KXM record Faith Is A Room With Many Doors coming soon.

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